What you are in store for is access to a position and gym ability specific routine to carry you through your whole rugby season, from off, to pre to in season training.

Included in this is:

  • A fully position specific session by session plan
  • 125 different Exercise Tutorial Videos
  • A Volume Tracker
  • A Progress Tracker
  • A 1 Rep Max Calculator
  • Nutritional Targets
  • Sample Meal Ideas
  • Sports Supplement Guide
  • Simple Nutrition Hacks
  • A Daily Monitoring Sheet
  • A Macros Calculator + Tracker
  • A Discount Code for First XV Rugby Stuff
  • A Discount Code for Origin Fitness Gym Equipment
  • New Stash being launched soon



The routine is split into 4 distinct phases which have their own clear goals:

Off Season – The aim is to favourably alter body composition (for most that will be building muscle mass) and build up single limb competency. There is a large focus on prehab to prepare the athlete for what is to come and prevent injuries.

Pre-Season – Sub Split 1 – Strength and Cardiovascular base phase. There is a switch to mostly barbell work (the routine still retains an element of single limb work) to develop the athlete’s maximal strength as this aspect of fitness has the slowest rate of decay and will complement the hypertrophy of the Off Season.

Pre-Season – Sub Split 2 – Power and Sport Specific Cardiovascular Phase. Now you, the athlete, are bigger, leaner, stronger and fit we need to make you fast, explosive and scary. Power has the fastest rate of decay so we need to prep this last. Plyometrics, change of direction, acceleration and speed are the focus in this block. Naturally complementing this is a more interval focused style of cardio to prepare the athlete for the position specific demands of the upcoming season.

In Season – A common misconception about S&C in rugby is that the athletes will keep getting stronger and faster through the season, this can and will happen, however, The main role of an S&C coach is to maintain as much of the pre-season gains as possible through the rigours of season. Gym time drops slightly and takes on a more even split between power and strength with a big focus on injury prevention. Cardio takes on an almost restorative role as club training will take of the VO2 max needs of the athlete.

All programmes will be specific to the position of the player as there are obviously hugely different demands on a prop compared to a winger but the basic principles outlined above hold true across all programmes.